Testimonial – Chris Downie

chris-downie-portrait1G’day, my name is Chris Downie. I’ve known Shane for nearly 10 years now.

We served together in the Middle East and we played footy together. I always wanted to get the number 13 jersey from him but I had to wait until he retired. He was the Captain of the Navy Footy Team for a number of years and it was a sad day when he left. All the boys trusted him and he was always the man reeving us up in the sheds and moved the team forward.

I used to sleep above him in the racks when we were on the ship together and he was always reading property magazines and it’s always been his passion.

Its good to see he’s started his own business Robson + Robson Property and with the integrity he brings to it, when we have a beer together he tells me all about it. His philosophy is, in order to grow your business you have to get the right product and the right customer base and just be a trustworthy guy.

He puts his heart and soul into it and he’s risked everything for it to be established so I can’t wait to see where he goes next with it.

Chris Downie