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Robson and Robson Propertys’ mentoring and consulting group brings a wide background of business, property and life experience to our clients.

Matching the right buyer with the right investment property is what we are all about. Utilising almost 10 years of experience in investing, project marketing, buyers advocacy, market research and due diligence Robson and Robson Property is perfectly positioned to identify residential property investments with greatest potential for capital growth for their clients.


When you and your family decide to take the step into property investment there can be many pitfalls, wrong turns and people out there that will give you bad advise just to make a quick buck. I know, because the first couple of properties I bought didn’t deliver on what was promised. This left me disappointed but more so, it left me feeling like I couldn’t trust anyone in the industry.

The properties that were “sold” to me with all the promises and reassurances that the due diligence had been conducted and the properties were in growth areas where capital growth was a surety. When this didn’t happen it not only had an impact on my confidence in investing but also had a flow on effect to my family. As a result I had felt as though I had had let them down.

I thought to myself there has to be a better way.

This was the fuel that compelled me to build my own consultancy firm, not work in the sales division of a property developer or marketing firm where I was tasked with selling a portfolio I had no control over. It was simply not an option to dance to the beat of someone else’s drum.

I founded Robson and Robson Property to ensure that I had ultimate freedom to accept only the best developers, builders and projects into my portfolio so I was able to deliver on my promise of helping people achieve their dreams using property as the vehicle.

In doing this, my team and I are insuring my clients are aware of and can avoid the common property investment mistakes and have a profitable and enjoyable outcome.


Robson and Robson Property is a freelance project marketing firm that conducts it’s own due diligence on developers and builders, the market, micro and macro research on potential growth regions to bring only the best investment opportunities throughout the country to market.


OUR COMMITMENT Robson and Robson Property is committed to providing quality investment properties to both current members and ex-members of the defence forces. Let us help you to secure your financial future.
OUR MISSION is to provide support from initial meeting through to settlement …. and beyond.
OUR GOAL is for you to reach your goals.