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Let’s start off with the latest news… It’s business as usual at Robson + Robson Property. We are continuing our free educational workshops online for the next month. It’s a great chance for those who are not based on our usual tour route to access this education! Watch this space, more details to come.

Right now… the panic we’re seeing in our supermarkets is NOT what we’re seeing on the ground in the property market which has historically low volatility. To chat about your finance and property strategies short-term and into the future, you can call or text me directly any time on 0408 401 645.

Head over to the Australian Government website here to cut through the media noise and get your news, updates and advice from official sources.

It is all temporary and we must remember to think long-term. We will come out the other side as us resilient Aussies always do.


From Naval Ships to Property Tips: The Long Game – Property Management

Insurances, tenants, rental yields, maintenance, rent-vesting, expectations – Shane Robson talks with Shaun Carney from 44 Home Property Management about the rental analysis required prior to buying your property plus the crucial steps to take post-settlement. Get these two processes right to ensure your investment is profitable and low risk for decades to come.

Make 2020 the year you look back on as the year you shaped your future!


We spent last week in my beautiful home-town of Sydney! 

Great turn out last Monday night at our Strategic Property Investment Workshop.
Thanks to Wayne Bemet from National Service Financial for your valuable financial advice.

For anyone who missed out, Wayne and I are available for free phone consultations next week.

Book below…


Congratulations to Army Thunder and Navy Tridents who put on a great display last Wednesday and to all those who were selected for CASRL!

Our hearts go out to those affected by this current situation. There is financial support being offered by the Australian Government and Tax Office to people doing it tough during this temporary uncertainty, all official info available here.


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