NEWSLETTER 20th MARCH 2020 EDITION Hi team, Let's start off with the latest news... It's business as usual at Robson + Robson Property. We are continuing our free educational workshops online for the next month. It's a great chance for those who are not based on our usual tour route to access this education! [...]

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The Australian Property Market is Declining… Isn’t It?

We're hearing the doom and gloom everyday in the newspapers, online, on the tele... the Australian property market is in a massive down-turn and the uncertainty imposed upon us all as a result of the looming election should have us battening down the hatches and hiding our money under our mattresses, right? Well, not exactly. [...]

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Are you prepared for summer storms and bushfires?

Australia is a beautiful and unique country. The contrast of the red outback, rich rainforests, snowy mountains, golden beaches and bustling cities make our country an extraordinarily rare and exciting place to live. With the privilege of being a resident of the land down under comes the responsibility of being prepared for natural disasters. For [...]

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Is Your Property Manager Invaluable or Are They Costing You Money and Stress

  Buying an investment property is a big step and while Robson + Robson Property can assist you in making the most suitable purchase for your situation and goals, the success of your property doesn’t stop at settlement. If you think of it like a business or team, you’re going to want the best people [...]

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Rent-Vesting… The Property Investment Strategy Gaining Popularity

The traditional sentiment of owning your own castle has long been the Great Australian Dream however, savvy investors have been using the idea of 'rent-vesting' to create wealth for the past few decades. As property prices and the cost of living continue to rise faster than the average income, this nontraditional method is becoming more [...]

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The Redlands and Greater Brisbane on the Move

Last week we touched on what to look for when selecting a location to invest in. Proximity to amenities (shopping, transport, education, healthcare etc), distance to the CBD plus future planned infrastructure are all vital factors to consider. We here at Robson and Robson Property are consistently conducting due diligence on potential investment opportunities for [...]

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What is the number one factor that will make or break your investment’s success?

When it comes to investing in property there are many different aspects to take into consideration however, there’s one factor that we hear time and time again…     LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Buying in a great location is a no brainer but what makes a location “great”? First, let’s look at the outcome we’re expecting [...]

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Brisbane is improving for the better

Brisbane has long been overshadowed by its bustling southern sister capitals but with more than $10bn worth of infrastructure planned for completion by 2022, the Sunshine State’s capital and surrounding coastal areas are set to take the limelight within the next 5 years. Interstate and local investors are becoming increasingly attracted to the city’s current [...]

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