We’re hearing the doom and gloom everyday in the newspapers, online, on the tele… the Australian property market is in a massive down-turn and the uncertainty imposed upon us all as a result of the looming election should have us battening down the hatches and hiding our money under our mattresses, right?

Well, not exactly.

Investors who study the property market over the long term understand that the Australian property market works in a cycle. Government and privately funded infrastructure largely influence population growth and job opportunities which effectively dictates where each state and region sits within the property cycle.
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Sydney and Melbourne may be in a declining market however, South-East Queensland is experience growth.

The data shows that the Sydney and Melbourne markets have experienced incredible growth over the past decade however, both cities have passed their peak and are now on the decline. The Western Australian market has been in the decline stage for quite some and is expected to reach the bottom of the cycle in the next few years.

If Sydney and Melbourne have peaked, where should you be buying?

Particularly South-East Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and out to Toowoomba, known as the “Golden Triangle” where three quarters of the state’s population live and work.

But your career, family, friends and life are in these ‘peaking’ or ‘declining’ regions, should you just wait till those markets return to ‘normal’ or compromise by moving further out of the city?
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What’s driving the growth in South-East Queensland?

  1. The Queensland Government and Federal Government have committed billions in funding new major infrastructure projects including airport upgrades, hospitals, roads and higher education facilities. Huge government commitment to a region instills confidence in the private sector which has resulted in additional privately funded major projects such as shopping centres, construction and new commercial business.
  2. QLD is leading the nation in domestic migration, primarily from NSW and VIC where house prices have become unattainable and commuting for work unbearable for many.
  3. The warmer weather and more affordable lifestyle is attracting the older generations looking to make the most of their retirement.
  4. Current low interest rates combined with foreign exchange rates against a low AU Dollar are attracting international investors.

If Queensland is in an upward swing, why do the media miss this?

The main reason is the old adage amongst media outlets… “if it bleeds, it reads”. Basically, feeding people facts and positive stories is not an effective tactic for keeping viewers captivated.
The best way to stay properly informed is to research the facts yourself and speak to independent industry professionals.

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